More Heavenly Treasures


Experiencing the Transformational Truth of God’s Sovereign Grace and Eternal Purpose

Do you sometimes feel like you have plateaued in your own spiritual journey? Do any of the following statements ring true for you?
• I need a renewed desire to study the Word of God.
• I wish I had time for learning more about the Bible.
• I would like to have a greater sense of hope for the future.
• I wish I really could be sure that God loves you.
• Is God disappointed in us?
• I wish I knew how to find a meaningful way to study my Bible.

If those statements are your heart’s cry, this book has the answers to your longings! It contains fresh insights into the deep, often untapped truths of the Word of God. Designed to challenge your mind while feeding your spirit, these chapters reveal lifechanging, foundational biblical truths.

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