Corporate Programs

Glenna provides life-changing insights and inspiration to individuals and organizations that want to grow personally and professionally.


Meaningful and Timely Topics Tailored to Your Group

“The Essence of Presence”


Your powerful presence is a major factor in successful leadership and meaningful communication. Glenna shares five life-changing elements that will transform your ability to connect with others, personally and professionally.

“The Art of the Fresh Start”


Increased effectiveness and personal satisfaction are often a result of jump-starting your life experience. Glenna reveals why you are unique, one-of-a-kind. You will rediscover and identify your prioritized values and desire. You will experience renewed vigor for living your life on-purpose!

Glenna designs each program to meet your goals and objectives. She is easy to work with and is committed to excellence. Glenna’s fee can be adjusted based on creating combined presentations (Ex: keynote plus breakout), or meeting your unique needs and objectives. For more information, please contact Glenna directly.

VERSATILITY: Each of these topics can be customized to your specific program format, whether it be a 45-minute keynote address, a two-hour general session, or a full-day seminar.

ADDED VALUE: Use Glenna for multiple appearances at your conference with no additional investment. For example, have her present a keynote address plus a breakout session, spouse program or invocation. Glenna also provides you with a full year of telephone consulting at no additional charge.

“How to Do the Impossible… And Make It Look Easy!”
(A Leadership Program)
Leading and serving others can leave you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, underappreciated and out of control. Glenna provides six practical strategies for leading and living with enhanced enthusiasm, empathy, creativity and personal joy!

“Transformational Leadership: The Fine Art of Making a Difference”
Leadership is far more than slogans. It is an attitude of responsibility and genuine caring that can be seen and felt by other team members.
Your leaders and managers will discover meaningful insights into the communication skills essential to leadership excellence. They will have a renewed desire, along with the skills, to make a difference in the workplace and throughout your organization.

“How To Do The Impossible . . . And Make It Look Easy!”
(A Customer Service Program)
Customer satisfaction is a world beyond customer service, achieved through people who understand the art of listening and communicating with empathy and creative initiative. 
This program will teach your people how to “do the impossible” for your customers. The results include increased motivation and morale, as well as an increase in profits from repeat and referral business.

“How To Stay on the Cutting Edge . . . Without Losing Your Balance”
A healthy balance between personal and professional life is the key to true success. This program provides fresh enthusiasm and practical ideas for living each day with renewed faith, hope, humor and love.
Your attendees will gain an increased appreciation for the unique contribution they can make in the world where they live and work. They will be entertained and encouraged by this lively program.