Glenna has received every speaking award the National Speakers Association gives. When you invite Glenna to be a part of your organization’s event you will discover why she has been honored again and again. 

Glenna provides thought-provoking content, powerful stories and practical applications designed to match your goals and objectives. Her high energy, spontaneous humor and life-changing insights provide An Enduring Influence™ for those who experience Glenna.

While serving as President of the National Speakers Association, Glenna’s theme, “Leaving a Lasting Legacy”, clearly summarized her purpose in life… to leave a lasting legacy with every single person she meets as well as every client she serves.

Glenna’s entire career has been a result of word of mouth referrals and repeat clients. Here’s what Forbes magazine recently said about Glenna…

In some circles, Salsbury is known as one of the preeminent motivational speakers of our time. In others, she’s known as a transformational trainer and coach, helping leadership teams and employees raise their game in good times and bad.

Regardless of where Salsbury is — face-to-face with a CEO, in the trenches with a customer service organization or standing behind a lecturn at a major conference, she brings heart to the party.

“Now more than ever, people are craving messages that touch the spirit,” Salsbury says. “Business is nothing but groups of people working with people. And people have minds, bodies and spirit. You don’t go to work and leave your humanity at home. It just doesn’t work that way.”

It all began when she was 17 years old… (Click Here to Read more of Forbes Article…)

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